DJI Pocket 2 Wifi Transmitter Microphone

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DJI Pocket 2 Wifi Transmitter Microphone

Massimiliano Zeuli | Official Website
Pubblicato in Testing products · 9 Gennaio 2021
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Today we will test the quality of the audio recorded using an external microphone with the DJI Pocket 2. (Inserti)
The Pocket 2 captures audio in an incredible way.
You can take advantage of the 4 internal microphones to capture immersive and dynamic audio or you can use the multi-purpose handle (All DO it handle) to connect an external microphone.
An external microphone is mainly useful when you need to record a person's speech.
In this video we will test the captured audio in 3 different ways:
a. We will use the external microphone by connecting it directly to the All DO it handle.
b. We will use the wifi transmitter microphone connected to the All DO it handle.
c. And finally we will connect an external microphone to the wifi transmitter microphone connected to the All do it handle.

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In my opinion, the best option to capture the audio of a voice coming from a source far from the DJI Pocket 2, is to use the wifi transmitter microphone, although it is not very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.
If you are using the internal microphone to record the voice of a person placed in front of the camera, I recommend that you set the "FRONT" option in the audio settings. In this way Pocket 2 will capture the audio coming only from the front.
If you want to use an external lavalier microphone and get professional, or at least appreciable results, I recommend that you record the audio on an external recorder.
As you could see and hear, using an external microphone allows you to capture cleaner audio.
Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of one of the 3 solutions offered by the DJI multipurpose handle (DJI all DO it handle).

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Here you can find the links of the products used in the video.


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Massimiliano Zeuli
Filmmaker |  Web Designer | Instructor
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