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Massimiliano Zeuli
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DJI Air 3 practice manual
In the course of the chapters, we will analyze in detail all the features and functionality of the DJI Air 3.

We will focus on the configuration properties, the features that distinguish it, and then find out how to fly it in the best way with total safety.

We will analyze in detail the integrated and advanced safety functions: such as the Return to Home procedures and APAS 5.0, the Advanced Collision Avoidance System.

We will launch the DJI Fly application, to see how to monitor the information coming from the aircraft, how to manage all the drone settings and how to adjust the parameters to get the best photographic exposure from your aerial camera.

You will learn to manage all the Advanced features such as: FocusTrack, Waypoint Flight, Hyperlapse, Cruise Conrtol, MasterShots & Quickshots, Panorama. ecc.

And to top it off, I'll show you some flight maneuvers and give you some useful tips and tricks to keep your new DJI drone looking its best and updated with the latest features.

The manual is available in both Color and Black and White versions.
DJI Air 3 practice manual
DJI Air 3 practice manual
Massimiliano Zeuli
Filmmaker |  Web Designer | Instructor
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